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The debate that’the origin of baseball is cricket’ has been around for a long time. The United States has desperately denied this statement, but as it became known that baseball was the name for the old cricket ball in England, it was partly recognized as one of baseball’s origins 20 20.

20 20 match

Traditionally, we prefer the Test Match method, but the time of 5 days is so long that the Cricket World Cup is held with ODI, an inter-country game that ends in one day, and a game method called Twenty 20 (T20) that ends in 4 hours was created. Asian Games and IPL are T20.

The aT India office uses a shared office. I voted my favorite player for people from other companies.

As soon as I asked the people in the office who my favorite player was, they gathered and argued with each other saying who was better. I could feel that people love and care for cricket and are interested in it. The two players listed below were the most picked players.

Indian Free League (IPL) 20 20

Indian Free League (IPL) was created by the Indian Cricket Steering Committee (BCCI) in 2008 and is the only professional cricket league in the world. Although it started relatively late, it has grown to be comparable to the English Premier League and the US NBA.

Corporate marketing using IPL is also active. The battle for brand advertising is fierce, and global companies are striving to sign IPL sponsorship contracts.

20 20
20 20 contracts

What is the reason for this promotion? This is because, as mentioned earlier, the Indian cricket fan base is thick regardless of age or sex. If you look at the vacant lot while passing the road, you can easily see many people gathering and playing cricket.  now the most playing cricket is 20 20.
In addition, I went to the Indian bar with pioneer members. In the case of Korea, when there is a special national game or sports game, the Indian bar is broadcasting a cricket game every night. As the public’s attention is drawn, I think we should keep an eye on the growth of the cricket league in the future 20 20.


11 players play in 20 20 match

Cricket, a sport in which two teams of 11 players play in their respective areas in 20 20 matches, is played in a 90-150-meter-diameter elliptical arena called a rectangular pitch, usually 22 yards. ) Throws the ball and Batsmen (the batter) hits the ball. So, in a way, unlike baseball, cricket has only home and first base.

At both ends of the pitch, there are three sticks called wickets on the ground, and the spacing between these sticks cannot be longer than the diameter of the cricket ball. Wicket can be described as a strike zone in baseball.

baseball 20 20

Cricket is a game in which the pitcher throws the ball to hit the wicket and the batter protects the wicket. 20 20 cricket has been so fast in these days.

A line called Crease is drawn in front of the wicket, and the batter is usually standing on this line. Also, the cricket game is played by two Umpires (judges).

The playing time of cricket varies depending on the time and the number of balls thrown. A simple game consists of two innings, with one team attacking and the other defending in the first inning. In the second inning, each team has a karate shift of 20 20.
The batter is played by a pair and is located at the end of each wicket, and the pitcher may throw 6 balls per over 20 20 cricket is so fast. The hitter who hits the ball is called the Striker, and stands in the wicket opposite the pitcher and waits for the pitcher to throw the ball in 20 20 matches.

Another hitter is called a Non-Striker in 20 20
Another hitter is called a Non-Striker, who plays the game by standing on the pitcher’s side. In this way, these two strikers alternately attempt to attack in 20 20 cricket.

20 20
20 20

              The target of the attacking side is 4 points if the ball is bounded inside and crosses the boundary line installed around the elliptical arena by either fleeing with both wickets or hitting the ball by a batter, and 6 points when crossing at once without abounding 20 20 cricket.

The ICC T20 World Cup is coming to Australia 2020 to play in 8 host cities and 13 other venues. Two 20 20 World Cup will be held within a year, and the women’s T20 World Cup is 10 teams and the men’s20  20 World Cup is related to 16 teams.

The women’s competition will be held from February 20-March 8 and Sydney Opening Ceremony and the match held 3 doubleheaders including all the semi-finals. At the end of that year, it is men’s turn to compete for October 18-November 15.

The first match will be the Sydney Opening Super 12 matches Australia v Pakistan to set the standard for the rest of the matches.

Behind the three rounds match, double headers and semi-finals will feature the world’s best players at the Sydney SCG.

Experience the action-packed doubleheaders at Sydney Olympic Park Tuesday in March where three or four teams fought for the upcoming semifinals.

South Africa followed the West Indies in the evening as the event began after Pakistan played a skilled qualifier in the morning.

This tournament promises to deliver a lot of thrill as South Africa decides to beat Windy for the first time in the T20 tournament.

Join the spectacular double header’s action in the Sydney Cricket ground

Join the spectacular double header’s action in the Sydney Cricket ground on Sunday 8 November. In the morning, South Africa had an experienced B1 qualifier.

Before India and Afghanistan confront each other under the lights. This day promises a festival full of events held for the first time in the men’s semi-finals. 11 November on top of Sydney.

Sydney’s first men’s semifinals held at SCG on Wednesday 11 November. When the top 2 teams from each pool advance to this final, the best teams in the world will take the lead.

Don’t miss out on a thrilling day of action guaranteed as some of the world’s best players are bidding to qualify to become the fierce champions of the T20 World Cup 2020.

October 18, 2020 (Sun)-November 15, 20 20 (Sun)
The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international T20 tournament.

The 20 20 T20 World Cup and Australia’s first T20 hosted Cricket Global Showpiece Women’s and Men’s Tournament will take place as a standalone event in the same host country in the same year.

The two T20 World Cups will be held exclusively in Australia. Starting with 2020

ICC Women’s 20 20 World Cup

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, 10 teams play 23 matches from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 16 teams play 45 matches from 18 October to 15 November 20 20.

20 20
20 20

The 8 host cities and 13 arenas held across Australia have a lot of footprints nationwide, giving as many Australians the opportunity to see the world’s best players in their backyards.

Fans are encouraged to register on the following site: www.T20WorldCup.com for more information and ticket access.

Top Cricket and Game Rules 2020

Cricket and Game Rules 2020

History of Cricket

Cricket is known as the game originated in England of the 13th century. In 1774, the rules of the game were established, and in 1787, the British Cricket Club (Marylebone Cricket Club) was founded. In 1719, when two British cricket teams played, a national cricket competition was created.

During the period of the British colonial business, cricket spread throughout the world. The largest of the international competitions is the Commonwealth international competitions in Britain, Scotland, Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa.

History Of Cfricket
History Of Cfricket


Professionals are called ‘players’ and are treated as individual units, and amateurs are called ‘gentlemen’. In big competitions, each team is predominantly professional, with 2-3 amateurs participating.

Cricket Ground

In the center of the stadium is a pitch area 20m long and 3m wide. At each end of the pitch area there is an incantation made of three vertical poles and two rails on it. If the pitcher throws the ball with the opposite spell and drops the rail, the batter is out. ( Website )


The batter must hit the ball thrown by the pitcher in order to keep his order. A point is scored if the batter hits the ball well and the batter and a fellow player on the opponent’s order run across the pitch area and switch positions. The batter can change positions up to number 6 and score up to 6 points. Each team has one chance of hitting and one round ends when all 10 batters except the captain are out.


Cricket is a game to compete the score by hitting the ball with the bat. It was first created in England, and it is still practiced a lot in England and Commonwealth countries.


It is a game in which two teams consisting of 11 members of one team take turns attacking and defending on a wide lawn and batting the ball to compete for points. It is similar to baseball, but the batting order is returned to all in each inning, and the attack and defense change only when all are out, and the game ends with two innings.


Two wickets (three wooden posts topped with a tree called a veil) are erected in the center of the stadium. The defending side puts the pitcher and catcher on the outside of the wicket, and the remaining nine are in suitable positions. On the offensive side, the first batter stands next to the catcher and waits for the ball, and the next batter stands near the opposite wicket.

When the pitcher throws the ball, he must throw it bound once to the ground, and when the ball drops the veil, the batter is out. The batter must hit the ball to prevent it from hitting the wicket. Before the hit ball falls to the ground, the beast receives and goes out. If the ball is not caught, the batters run toward the wickets opposite each other to score points. Before that, if the beast throws the ball into the wicket and the bale falls, the batter close to that wicket is out.


The pitching is knotted every 6 pitches, and the pitcher and the catcher alternate with each other. The batter seldom goes out, so it lasts a long time and sometimes takes 2-3 days.

Facilities, equipment, and clothes

The cricket field is an oval-shaped turf ground with a width of about 90 to 150m, and must be clearly distinguished by fences or ropes.


If it does not deviate from the ellipse shape too much, there are no restrictions on the size or shape, and it is called a field.

The cricket ball is similar to a baseball in size and stiffness, but the leather of a cricket ball is thicker. The circumference is 224 to 229 mm, and the weight is 156 to 163 g. Traditionally, the color is red and the seams are white, but in recent night games, white balls are sometimes used to make the ball more visible.


Cricket bats are made of willow with a flat on one side and a rounded shape to receive power on the other side, and have a cane-shaped handle, reminiscent of a large laundry bat.

How to Play

Two spells are placed in the middle of the stadium, each with one batter guarding the door. The pitcher attempts to hit the ball by throwing the ball or otherwise try to get the batter out. The throwing technique is to extend your arm straight up, raise it above your head, and throw the ball. If the batter does not get out and changes position with the batter of the same team on the opposite order, a goal is awarded. Two teams of 11 players will face off.


There are two wickets at intervals of 22 yards (approximately 20m) in the center of the field, and the attacking side has a bat in each wicket and one player is placed. One is the batter and the other is the runner. If one side of the pair goes out, he becomes the batter and hits the ball from the wicket on the other side.

The defensive pitcher (baller) throws the ball as if it would bounce right in front of the batter (Batman), but it is not thrown as if it were a throw, but as if pushing from the top with the arm fully extended.

When the batter hits the ball, the runner on the opposite side of the batter also starts to run at the same time, alternately in the middle, touch the bat on the opposite wicket to repeat, and repeat this several times before the ball returns to the wicket. (1 point upon arrival of the opposite wicket).

The match ends with 2 innings, but when the attacking side reaches out of 10, the airlift is changed. One player can score hundreds of points, and it is a long game that takes 5 days for big matches and a day for sm

Cricket Warrior in World 2020

Cricket Warrior

Important positions in Cricket

The most important positions in cricket are the ball thrower and the batman hitting the ball.

Ahn Hyo-beom (19, Kanto University), the national team’s bowler, is the youngest of the national team who has not yet left a young tee. Ahn Hyo-beom said, “Last winter, the bishop came to receive the training for the 3rd class leader certification.

Being the youngest, there are a lot of difficulties, but Ahn Hyo-bum said, “There is nothing difficult. It’s really fun,” he laughed. “In baseball, the pitcher has to strike-ball, but cricket can end the attack with one ball. “This is the beauty of cricket,” he said.

When she said she played cricket, the opposition in the house was severe. The father who exercised was fine, but his mother’s opposition was so severe that Ahn Hyo-beom said, “I secretly sneaked out of applying to the national team for the first time.” ( Cricket Rules )

There is no parent to win a child, so Ahn Hyo-beom’s stubborn mother raised her hands. Now, I can help without saying anything, but Ahn Hyo-beom was still cautious, saying, “I don’t want to talk about cricket at home because I think I might have a bad feeling about cricket.”

Batman Kim Hong-ki (26) came up from Daegu to play cricket. Kim Hong-ki, who had fun during a practice game with a cricket team at Sungkyunkwan University in Daegu, said, “Cricket can be reversed at the last attack even if the score difference is large. At first, it is a cricket characteristic that the atmosphere gradually increases in a quiet state.”

Annually, Hong-Ki Kim, the middle of the national team, is a student. Kim Hong-ki, who thinks “I shouldn’t give up studying because of exercise,” said, “I’m attending a graduate school and taking a master’s program.

Batman must always fight the ball that fits his body. Cricket does not have a dead ball like baseball. Even if it is correct, you must continue playing. A cricket ball a little smaller than a baseball is as hard as a stone. If it is right, the pain cannot be said.  ( Exercise )

“I don’t know how painful I am because I concentrate when I play, but I feel the pain when practicing. “There are times when I hit my chest and sometimes when I hit my arms, and the pain in the moment is too great.”

But is it so right? “But it’s okay if it doesn’t fit the spot,” he laughed.

How do you play for 11 people? ‘

Cricket’ has a history of scoring cricket over 600 years. It is similar to baseball in that it uses bats and balls.

The game is a method in which two teams alternately attack and defend with 11 players per team to score by batting the ball.

There are two ways to determine the winner, one is the way in which the team that scores the most points before the opposing team within a certain period of time becomes the winner, and the other is the method in which the other team must score the most points as well as out.

The stadium has a long rectangular space called a pitch in the center. Here, the baller for the pitcher and the batman for the batter are throwing and hitting the ball, respectively.

At both ends of the pitch, there is a sign that is a rocket, which is a goal for the defending team to get out, and the attacking team can score by hitting the ball thrown by the baller and running like a shuttle between the rockets.

A total of 13 players can enter the stadium, except for 2 referees.

Two batmen come in from the attacking team, one of which is called a’strike’ to hit the ball thrown by the baller, and the other non-strike to hit the ball. The two Batmans alternate roles with a goal scored and an over.

The remaining 11 are players of the defending team. The ball thrower, the keeper of the rocket, the keeper of the rocket, and the other nine are defenders who catch the ball flying off the field. Most of the Wicketkeepers have players dedicated to that position, but the bowler can be any defender.