The Tokyo 2020 Medal Project to produce medals, And How Many Players Will Be Kill In This Championship And Olympics? 2020


The Tokyo 2020 Medal Project to produce medals

It symbolizes the concept of athletes who must strive for victory every day in order to achieve glory’ and the energy of athletes who shine with light and glow’ and those who support energy,

It is said to symbolize diversity and represent a world in which people who compete in sports and who work hard are respected, and the sparkle of the reflection of the medals is said to represent the light of warm friendship depicted by people around the world holding hands.

This Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee carried out the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project to produce medals,
providing citizens with small electronic devices such as mobile phones for the first time in the history of the Olympics.

It was collected and recycled to make medals using the metal from this project, and it is said that the project produced a total of 5,000 medals from electronic devices donated across Japan.

tokyo games
Tokyo games 2020

The new wind gives people heat and becomes the driving force to create another new wind. Is a concept and a fan that brings new winds to the world by tying the hearts and minds of people to the bottom of the fan.

The part means a player who connects people’s hearts by crossing races and borders, and the line is said to represent the vitality of people’s hearts and the flowers, trees, leaves, and water of Japan’s nature.

There was an article stating that the Olympics could be canceled due to the global pandemic in 2020. It is said that only 55% of the total is made of it. According to former IOC Vice Chairman Dick Pound,

it is expected that it will take two to three months to determine the fate of the Tokyo Olympics, and the event will be decided around the end of May.
However, even if it is caught up with the event this year, it is expected that there will be a lot of confusion in the schedule adjustment due to the problem of the postponed or canceled qualifiers.

If canceled, the Olympics will not be held 76 years after World War II in 1944, and the war will end. The biggest reason for the cancellation due to other reasons is that in the sports where Korea has traditionally been strong, such as archery, taekwondo, and judo,

the skills of athletes from other countries have grown rapidly, and the gold medal cannot be guaranteed.

Actually in 2020
At the open world championships by sport, South Korea suffered from the worst sluggishness in traditional bullish events.

                   Judo was unable to keep up with the momentum of winning two gold medals in the previous year, and only one “silver” and one bronze medal each, wrestling

               Even with Kim Hyun-woo and Ryu Han-soo, both of whom have won the world championships, both compete in Asian regional qualifiers. Korea is in the same group as Iran, Uzbekistan, and China.

Olympics 2020, Championship

            Consisting only of enemies Although it is early, if you only get to the second place in the group, you will meet with Group D (North Korea, Vietnam, Jordan, “UAE”,

            which are relatively weak players in the quarterfinals tournament. Olympic tickets will be given to the 3rd place in this competition,
so the national team will be ranked in the semifinals.
Advancement is the top priority.

if Japan advances to the quarterfinals

For reference, Japan, which has a quota for the host country, also participates in this event, so if Japan advances to the quarterfinals, you will be given a ticket just by going to the quarterfinals.

Championship 2020
Championship 2020

However, the surprise of Japan’s frantic in the group stage As it occurred, he had to be in the top three.

On January 23, 2020, they won Australia 2:0 in the semifinal of the U-23 Championship, confirming the world’s first ninth consecutive Olympic Games. It also serves as an Asian regional qualifier.

Korea is in the same group as Iran, Uzbekistan, and China. Although it is a group consisting only of fierce enemies if it is the second place in the group, relatively weak players gather in the quarterfinals. Meet with Group D (North Korea, Vietnam, Jordan, UAE).

Olympic tickets

Olympic tickets will be given to the 3rd place in this competition, so advance to the semifinals is the top priority for the national team.
For reference, Japan, which has a quota for the host country, also participates in this event.
If Japan advances to the semifinals, you will be given a ticket just by going to the semifinals. However,
Japan must be placed in the 3rd place due to the outrage of the group stage. January 23, 2020 U-23

The world’s first ninth consecutive Olympics were confirmed by winning Australia 2:0 in the quarterfinals of the championship.
Like the men’s national team, they met above-standard performances in the Asian Championships and obtained qualifications for regional qualifiers in early 2020.

Among the three Asian women’s volleyball rounds, Japan, which automatically entered the host country’s quota, is excluded,
It is more hopeful than the men’s national team, with only a confrontation left.                           In the finals held at 9 o’clock on the 12th, they advanced to the Tokyo Olympics by winning a 3-0 shutout against Thailand.

Japan said, “At this Olympics, the video taken by the audience at the stadium cannot be posted on the Internet, including social media.” Because the broadcasting station paid a large amount to buy the Olympic broadcasting rights, Is said to be prohibited,

Even, he said, “Videos taken at the stadium cannot be posted on the Internet without prior permission from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and not only the appearance of the athletes but also the appearance of cheering the athletes in the stands cannot be posted.”

After this fact was known voices of dissatisfaction among Japanese netizens, centered on Japanese social media, were saying, “Is it okay to upload photos or videos taken at the stadium in the self-camera mode at least?”

In Taekwondo, which won a total of 8 gold medals in each of the 4 weight classes for men and women, he secured the right to participate in the 6 weight lasses, the most in history (Men 68 kg Lee Dae-hoon, etc.).

“Steel Weapons” Wrestling Hell Training
“Steel Weapons” Wrestling Hell Training 2020

Men’s Handball: As of October 2020, we, unfortunately, lost at the final match against Bahrain in the Asian qualifiers, and will challenge ourselves in the final qualifiers in April 2020. A total of 12 countries participated here, and the top six were the top six.

Archery is aiming for the victory in all five events with Kang Chae-young in the lead, and Jin Jong-oh (Seoul City Hall), who won three consecutive Olympics in a shooting event, is counted as a gold medal candidate.

The women’s golf that Park In-bi won in the 2020 Rio tournament Baseball, which became an official sport again after 12 years of challenge, was also in 2008.

Following the Beijing tournament, he aims to win consecutively. Men’s soccer also aims for medals. Fencing is also a sport that keeps the skills of the Asian Games in Jakarta and expects a golden medal.

Golf, including 5 modern models aiming for the first gold medal, Expectations are high whether surprise propaganda can be delivered in judo and badminton.