“Steel Weapons” Wrestling Hell Training 2020

“Steel Weapons” Wrestling Hell Training

Olympic Hyoja Event Regaining Phase 3 Physical Training Training

The gold medal genealogy that had continued during the seven Olympics was cut off during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. To make matters worse, she was no gold at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. It was pointed out that as the rules changed, more physical fitness was needed, but not prepared. The wrestling national team went to hell training. The players suffered “to the extent that they would like to spit together when vomiting a heart that would burst.”

Wrestling team

Ahn Han-bong, director of Samsung Life’s wrestling team, has been put into the coach of the national team. Jung Ji-hyun, who had won a gold medal at the Greco-Roman level below 60kg in the 2004 Athens Olympics, said, “When I came to the training ground in the afternoon after morning training and morning training, my spirit was mixed.” “We have prepared three special programs for the national team,” said Ahn.

On the 4th, a media day was held at the Taereung Athletes’ Village in Wrestling Sun Sudan for the London Olympics. The determination and shout of’Taegeuk wrestlers’ to reproduce the glory of the past was higher than ever. He lifted his kettlebell with a tremendous weight, threw his tires back, climbed the ropes, climbed the air, and dreamed of a gold medal. | yunhap news

The first is’cattel bell’ training with a small bell-shaped dumbbell. Coach Ahn explained, “The Russian national team has been doing it for a long time, and it is a training that is mainly performed by martial arts players.

Lightweight athletes like Ji-Hyun Jung are trained to sway’like Jo-Ryong Chang’ with a 24kg kettlebell and heavy-weight athletes with a 42kg kettle bell in both hands. Coach Ahn explained, “You must shake more than 100 times in one training session.”

Tire Training

The second is’tire training’. Along with lifting the large tires, lift the medium tires and hit the upper and lower left and right walls behind the back with tires. This training comes from the’Strongman’ training. Coach Ahn said, “Weightlifters lifting barbells rarely lift large tires. To do this, we need to have wrestling skills that are quick.”

The third is mountain training. “Overseas rivals are mainly focused on indoor training. “But we strengthened our cardiopulmonary endurance through field training.” On the ridge, other players lift or play. The thumb of a woman wrestling (less than 55 kg of freedom) said, “I ran with male athletes.”

Steel stamina is equipped. At the Olympics, wrestling is played in 2 minutes 3 rounds and 2 wins, but if there is no goal for 1 minute 30 seconds per round, the game is played in a paterna or tackle position. In particular, they have to play 4 to 5 games in a row for 3 hours. After the third round, there is less than 20 minutes of rest. Physical fitness became more important, and for this purpose, I endured ‘3 sets of hell training without recognition.’ “The weapon of this Olympic trump is physical strength,” said Jeong Ji-hyun.

The wrestling association also raised a prize of 100 million won to the gold medalist with the support of Kim Rae-sun, Kangwon Association president. Kim Jin-cheol (23, free) type 55kg class said, “I will definitely regain the position of the Hyoja event.”

After tire training, ring-shaped cutbell training awaits.

The athletes lightly turn their arms up, but the smallest cuttlebell weighs more than 24kg.

Using various cutbells depending on your weight, you will develop the muscles you need for practice.

<Recording> “A little more! A little more! A little more!”

With this physical training to overcome the weakness that gave last minute points, wrestling achieved two gold medals at the Pre-Olympic Games last month.

<Interview> gimhyeonwoo (Wrestling National Team): “I left about seven months to think about it very hard to die until then that jwodo the gold medal to a player work harder than me …”

Faith is not false as much sweat in training, filial stocks Wrestlers are enduring horror hell training in their determination to revive their reputation.

Cricket Warrior in World 2020

Cricket Warrior

Important positions in Cricket

The most important positions in cricket are the ball thrower and the batman hitting the ball.

Ahn Hyo-beom (19, Kanto University), the national team’s bowler, is the youngest of the national team who has not yet left a young tee. Ahn Hyo-beom said, “Last winter, the bishop came to receive the training for the 3rd class leader certification.

Being the youngest, there are a lot of difficulties, but Ahn Hyo-bum said, “There is nothing difficult. It’s really fun,” he laughed. “In baseball, the pitcher has to strike-ball, but cricket can end the attack with one ball. “This is the beauty of cricket,” he said.

When she said she played cricket, the opposition in the house was severe. The father who exercised was fine, but his mother’s opposition was so severe that Ahn Hyo-beom said, “I secretly sneaked out of applying to the national team for the first time.” ( Cricket Rules )

There is no parent to win a child, so Ahn Hyo-beom’s stubborn mother raised her hands. Now, I can help without saying anything, but Ahn Hyo-beom was still cautious, saying, “I don’t want to talk about cricket at home because I think I might have a bad feeling about cricket.”

Batman Kim Hong-ki (26) came up from Daegu to play cricket. Kim Hong-ki, who had fun during a practice game with a cricket team at Sungkyunkwan University in Daegu, said, “Cricket can be reversed at the last attack even if the score difference is large. At first, it is a cricket characteristic that the atmosphere gradually increases in a quiet state.”

Annually, Hong-Ki Kim, the middle of the national team, is a student. Kim Hong-ki, who thinks “I shouldn’t give up studying because of exercise,” said, “I’m attending a graduate school and taking a master’s program.

Batman must always fight the ball that fits his body. Cricket does not have a dead ball like baseball. Even if it is correct, you must continue playing. A cricket ball a little smaller than a baseball is as hard as a stone. If it is right, the pain cannot be said.  ( Exercise )

“I don’t know how painful I am because I concentrate when I play, but I feel the pain when practicing. “There are times when I hit my chest and sometimes when I hit my arms, and the pain in the moment is too great.”

But is it so right? “But it’s okay if it doesn’t fit the spot,” he laughed.

How do you play for 11 people? ‘

Cricket’ has a history of scoring cricket over 600 years. It is similar to baseball in that it uses bats and balls.

The game is a method in which two teams alternately attack and defend with 11 players per team to score by batting the ball.

There are two ways to determine the winner, one is the way in which the team that scores the most points before the opposing team within a certain period of time becomes the winner, and the other is the method in which the other team must score the most points as well as out.

The stadium has a long rectangular space called a pitch in the center. Here, the baller for the pitcher and the batman for the batter are throwing and hitting the ball, respectively.

At both ends of the pitch, there is a sign that is a rocket, which is a goal for the defending team to get out, and the attacking team can score by hitting the ball thrown by the baller and running like a shuttle between the rockets.

A total of 13 players can enter the stadium, except for 2 referees.

Two batmen come in from the attacking team, one of which is called a’strike’ to hit the ball thrown by the baller, and the other non-strike to hit the ball. The two Batmans alternate roles with a goal scored and an over.

The remaining 11 are players of the defending team. The ball thrower, the keeper of the rocket, the keeper of the rocket, and the other nine are defenders who catch the ball flying off the field. Most of the Wicketkeepers have players dedicated to that position, but the bowler can be any defender.