Who is the best striker in Europe? Lionel Messi and Lewandowski met properly 2020

best striker of Football

Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona and Robert Lewandowski’s Munich face off in the quarterfinals. A confrontation is coming that draws the attention of football fans around the world. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) compete for the top scorer in Europe.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Messi, who quickly penetrated the three enclosed players, shook off the sticking defenders a second time. It was a fantastic goal with perfect ball control and precise shooting skills that do not lose the ball while falling. Barcelona, ​​led by Messi, headed for the European Champions League quarterfinals.


Barcelona, ​​who drew 1-1 against Naples in the first leg of the round of 16 away, confirmed their quarterfinals with a 3-1 win in the second leg of their home. Barcelona’s quarterfinal opponent is Bayern Munich.

Munich joined the quarter-finals with a 4-1 win over Chelsea in the second leg of the round of 16. In particular, we booked a one-man show in which Lewandowski scored a key goal with a penalty goal and raised up to two assists in multi-goals.


The 2019-2020 European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League quarterfinals will be held one by one until the 16th, starting with Atalante (Italy) and Paris Saint-Germain (France) on the 13th. The schedule for this Champions League was delayed due to the aftermath of Corona 19, and all matches from the quarterfinals will be played in a single match in Lisbon, Portugal, a neutral region.


Among the four matches in the quarter-finals, the match that football fans around the world are most interested in is the match between Barcelona (Spain) and Bayern Munich (Germany) on the 15th. It is already called the ‘Preview Final’ as a confrontation between prestigious teams representing Spain and Germany.


The most eye-catching feature in this match is the match between Messi and Lewandowski. Each of the strikers representing the Primera Liga and the Bundesliga has a pride confrontation over Spain and Germany for the position of the best striker in Europe.


Messi is, without a doubt, the best striker in existence. It has won the Balloon d’Or, which only the best soccer player can win, six times, and has the most awards record. In the last three consecutive seasons, he was the top scorer in the league for four consecutive seasons, and the king of scoring and helper at the same time. In particular, in the 2019-2020 season, with 25 goals and 21 assists, the Primera Li set a record for the first time in history to achieve 20 goals and 20 assists in a single season.


However, in the rest of the competitions except for the league, the goal streak slowed. In the Champions League, he currently only has 3 goals and 3 assists and is not worthy of his reputation. He also scored a total of 3 goals in his country’s cup competitions, Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) and Supercopa de Spain.

Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski showed off his sense of scoring more than Messi in the 2019-2020 season alone. With 34 goals and 4 assists in the Bundesliga, he became the top league scorer for 3 consecutive seasons. In addition, he scored 13 goals and 4 assists in the Champions League, approaching the record of 17 goals in the single-season Champions League, set by Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus), who belonged to Real Madrid during the 2013-2014 season. Elling Holland (Dortmund, 10 goals), second place scorer, has virtually reserved the current Champions League scoring leader, who collapsed in the round of 16. In addition, he scored a total of 7 goals in his own cup competitions such as DFB Focal.


Messi and Lewandowski fought a total of two times. In the 2014-2015 season UEFA Champions League quarter-finals 1st and 2nd leg, Barcelona and Bayern Munich faced off, and Barcelona won with a combined score of 5-3. At that time, Messi led the team’s 3-0 victory with a big success of two goals and one help in the first game, and Bayern Munich, who scored one goal by Lewandowski, won 3-2 in the second game. In terms of performance, Messi had the upper hand over Lewandowski.



The two finished warming up in the 16th quarter ahead of the quarterfinals. Messi scored one goal in the second leg game against Naples (Italy), leading the team to a 3-1 victory, while Lewandowski played two goals and two assisted one-man shows in the second leg against Chelsea (England) and won the team’s 4-1 big win. Made it.

Lewandowski is leading the division, scoring 13 goals in the Champions League this season. The match between Lewandowski and Messi in the Champions League quarter-finals starting at 4 am on the 13th of our time was on the 15th.

The Champions League, which resumed late due to Corona 19, will be played as a single match from the quarterfinals. All matches will take place in Lisbon, Portugal until the final on the 24th, without a home away.


In 2020 Football Is Much Dangerous For Players? Football Game Kills The Players


football | History, Rules, & Significant Players of old days and 2020

I can share it. The main goal of the striker and the attacker is to score goals directly, and the midfielder is responsible for occupying the ball, regaining possession of the opponent’s ball, connecting the attacker and the defender, and the defender blocking the opponent’s scoring.

Players in these three positions are classified as Outfield players to distinguish them from the goalkeeper, and each position is again divided by position, and that player spends most of the game time at that position.


For example, the midfielder is divided into the center, left, and right by position, and it is also divided into attack type and defensive type according to their nature.

The 10 outfield players are configured to harmonize scoring and defense in any form. The number of players in each position also indicates the team’s tendency to play.

                     Teams with a lot of attackers and fewer defenders are likely to be oriented towards fast and aggressive play, and vice versa, are likely to play slow and defensively. Because athletes spend most of their game time in a given position, their movements are limited depending on the operation.

what is one of the most essential elements for football players?

The most basic of them is a pass, which is also called a passing game. And this is one of the most essential elements for players, along with ball control ability for players.

Passes are the foundational skill for all team tactics, and for that reason, passes consist of at least the movement of the Sender and the Receiver.

Therefore, the accuracy of the pass and mutual cooperation are very essential to lead the game. The types of passes are largely divided into the inside pass, outside pass, instep pass, and hill pass.


Dribbling is also one of the most essential elements in soccer, and dribbling refers to moving while controlling the ball in response to the opponent’s movement.

Therefore, the speed of dribbling and whether or not you can fool your opponent is very important to your dribbling success. Dribbling is a part that an individual can use independently, so dribbling has its own characteristics for each player. That doesn’t mean that dribbling has nothing to do with team tactics.

goalkeepers are generally tall in a football game 2020

For example, goalkeepers are generally tall, and their quickness and proper situational judgment are very important. On the other hand, the central defender, like the goalkeeper, needs to be tall and competent, but the side defender requires excellent speed, stamina, and basic ball control.

Although the requirements for midfielders vary for each detailed position, in general, dribbling and passing are important, and good physical strength is required because they have to run through the midfield throughout the game.

Attackers generally require excellent skill and goal determination, and additional requirements may differ depending on other detailed areas. In this way, the physical condition required by the players for each position and the appropriate role performance is very important factors for a team to perform the game.

Role of Attacker And Defender in Football 2020

Formations are represented in the form of numbers such as 4-4-2 and 3-5-2, excluding goalkeepers and only 10 outfield players. The number of defenders, midfielders, and attackers is displayed in order from the previous number.

For example, in the case of 4-4-2, there are 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 attackers, and in the case of 3-5-2, 3 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 2 attackers.


Depending on the form of this formation, it is possible to determine whether the team is aggressive or defensive. However, the number of formations alone cannot fully understand the soccer tactics the team pursues.

This is because the number of formations is simply the number of players in the position. Therefore, when operating a game, it is necessary to use it flexibly rather than running the game in relation to the number of positions.

Rules fo football and playground of Football 2020

Safety: Competitors must not wear or use equipment or objects that are dangerous to themselves or other players (including jewelry).
Basic equipment: It is said that the basic equipment of a competitor consists of a top, bottom (when wearing warm pants, the basic color of the bottom must be the same), socks, shin protectors, and shoes.


Shin guard: Must be completely covered with stockings, must be made of suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar material), and must be equipped with a level of protection that is not unreasonable.

Goalkeeper: Each goalkeeper must wear clothing of a color that is distinct from other players, referees or assistant referees.
Violation/punishment: When violating this rule
-There is no need to stop playing.
-If the player’s equipment is wrong, the referee instructs him to leave the field and fix his equipment.

When the next game is stopped, it is taken out of the field, unless the equipment is already properly equipped.
-No player is allowed to re-enter without the permission of the referee after leaving the field and fixing equipment.
-The referee must check the competitor’s equipment before allowing him to re-enter the field.

20 20 Cricket is a New way Of Cricket.Is It Destroyed The Old Cricket/


20 20 Live scores, Cricket News, Match Report & Analysis

The debate that’the origin of baseball is cricket’ has been around for a long time. The United States has desperately denied this statement, but as it became known that baseball was the name for the old cricket ball in England, it was partly recognized as one of baseball’s origins 20 20.

20 20 match

Traditionally, we prefer the Test Match method, but the time of 5 days is so long that the Cricket World Cup is held with ODI, an inter-country game that ends in one day, and a game method called Twenty 20 (T20) that ends in 4 hours was created. Asian Games and IPL are T20.

The aT India office uses a shared office. I voted my favorite player for people from other companies.

As soon as I asked the people in the office who my favorite player was, they gathered and argued with each other saying who was better. I could feel that people love and care for cricket and are interested in it. The two players listed below were the most picked players.

Indian Free League (IPL) 20 20

Indian Free League (IPL) was created by the Indian Cricket Steering Committee (BCCI) in 2008 and is the only professional cricket league in the world. Although it started relatively late, it has grown to be comparable to the English Premier League and the US NBA.

Corporate marketing using IPL is also active. The battle for brand advertising is fierce, and global companies are striving to sign IPL sponsorship contracts.

20 20
20 20 contracts

What is the reason for this promotion? This is because, as mentioned earlier, the Indian cricket fan base is thick regardless of age or sex. If you look at the vacant lot while passing the road, you can easily see many people gathering and playing cricket.  now the most playing cricket is 20 20.
In addition, I went to the Indian bar with pioneer members. In the case of Korea, when there is a special national game or sports game, the Indian bar is broadcasting a cricket game every night. As the public’s attention is drawn, I think we should keep an eye on the growth of the cricket league in the future 20 20.


11 players play in 20 20 match

Cricket, a sport in which two teams of 11 players play in their respective areas in 20 20 matches, is played in a 90-150-meter-diameter elliptical arena called a rectangular pitch, usually 22 yards. ) Throws the ball and Batsmen (the batter) hits the ball. So, in a way, unlike baseball, cricket has only home and first base.

At both ends of the pitch, there are three sticks called wickets on the ground, and the spacing between these sticks cannot be longer than the diameter of the cricket ball. Wicket can be described as a strike zone in baseball.

baseball 20 20

Cricket is a game in which the pitcher throws the ball to hit the wicket and the batter protects the wicket. 20 20 cricket has been so fast in these days.

A line called Crease is drawn in front of the wicket, and the batter is usually standing on this line. Also, the cricket game is played by two Umpires (judges).

The playing time of cricket varies depending on the time and the number of balls thrown. A simple game consists of two innings, with one team attacking and the other defending in the first inning. In the second inning, each team has a karate shift of 20 20.
The batter is played by a pair and is located at the end of each wicket, and the pitcher may throw 6 balls per over 20 20 cricket is so fast. The hitter who hits the ball is called the Striker, and stands in the wicket opposite the pitcher and waits for the pitcher to throw the ball in 20 20 matches.

Another hitter is called a Non-Striker in 20 20
Another hitter is called a Non-Striker, who plays the game by standing on the pitcher’s side. In this way, these two strikers alternately attempt to attack in 20 20 cricket.

20 20
20 20

              The target of the attacking side is 4 points if the ball is bounded inside and crosses the boundary line installed around the elliptical arena by either fleeing with both wickets or hitting the ball by a batter, and 6 points when crossing at once without abounding 20 20 cricket.

The ICC T20 World Cup is coming to Australia 2020 to play in 8 host cities and 13 other venues. Two 20 20 World Cup will be held within a year, and the women’s T20 World Cup is 10 teams and the men’s20  20 World Cup is related to 16 teams.

The women’s competition will be held from February 20-March 8 and Sydney Opening Ceremony and the match held 3 doubleheaders including all the semi-finals. At the end of that year, it is men’s turn to compete for October 18-November 15.

The first match will be the Sydney Opening Super 12 matches Australia v Pakistan to set the standard for the rest of the matches.

Behind the three rounds match, double headers and semi-finals will feature the world’s best players at the Sydney SCG.

Experience the action-packed doubleheaders at Sydney Olympic Park Tuesday in March where three or four teams fought for the upcoming semifinals.

South Africa followed the West Indies in the evening as the event began after Pakistan played a skilled qualifier in the morning.

This tournament promises to deliver a lot of thrill as South Africa decides to beat Windy for the first time in the T20 tournament.

Join the spectacular double header’s action in the Sydney Cricket ground

Join the spectacular double header’s action in the Sydney Cricket ground on Sunday 8 November. In the morning, South Africa had an experienced B1 qualifier.

Before India and Afghanistan confront each other under the lights. This day promises a festival full of events held for the first time in the men’s semi-finals. 11 November on top of Sydney.

Sydney’s first men’s semifinals held at SCG on Wednesday 11 November. When the top 2 teams from each pool advance to this final, the best teams in the world will take the lead.

Don’t miss out on a thrilling day of action guaranteed as some of the world’s best players are bidding to qualify to become the fierce champions of the T20 World Cup 2020.

October 18, 2020 (Sun)-November 15, 20 20 (Sun)
The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international T20 tournament.

The 20 20 T20 World Cup and Australia’s first T20 hosted Cricket Global Showpiece Women’s and Men’s Tournament will take place as a standalone event in the same host country in the same year.

The two T20 World Cups will be held exclusively in Australia. Starting with 2020

ICC Women’s 20 20 World Cup

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, 10 teams play 23 matches from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 16 teams play 45 matches from 18 October to 15 November 20 20.

20 20
20 20

The 8 host cities and 13 arenas held across Australia have a lot of footprints nationwide, giving as many Australians the opportunity to see the world’s best players in their backyards.

Fans are encouraged to register on the following site: www.T20WorldCup.com for more information and ticket access.

What is the strongest martial art? Best Types of martial arts around the world! 2020

What is the strongest martial art? Types of martial arts around the world!

The First kind of Martial Arts


The First kind of Martial Arts
The First kind of Martial Arts

Kick to knock an opponent into the center of

It is a powerful  art.

First, let’s take a brief look at History.

Taekwondo is a Japanese karate-based

It is a  that combines strike and Chinese.

But with kick-oriented technologys.

With the efforts of numerous  arts people

While building Taekwondo’s unique technique and style

It is now a world-class art.

Which is also an official Olympic sport

Taekwondo became a sports shoe

Not completely overpowering the opponent

Scoring effectively

The purpose is to win the game

There is no feeling that the practice However, Taekwondo’s powerful kick

Its power is fully recognized

Various techniques such as marae kick and round kick

It is also used in general and Compared to modern  arts

The weaknesses I feel are still

We keep improving,

A potentially inexhaustible do

With interest in our Taekwondo.

The second kind of martial arts

Muay Thai

The second kind of martial arts
The second kind

This is Thai Muay Thai With Thai traditional arts

Including fists and kicks

Especially of the knees and elbows

The hardest part of the human

Destructive and efficient technologies with a

I speak.

Muay Thai is the name of Korea

It is called Muay Thai (muai = martial arts, Thai = Thailand).

Muay Thai origins from the Indian Musti yuddha

It is said to be derived.

So many countries in Southeast Asia

Similar or almost identical to Muay Thai

They say they share martial arts.

Until modernization and the rules of boxing

They say it was very radical?

Like in the movies

Wrap the cloth around your fist

You said you put a piece of broken glass…

I’m really glad to be a sports shoe.

Muay Thai is in mixed martial arts

It is one of the martial arts with the most impact.

Even if you look at the latest mixed martial arts technology right now,

Clench, knee kick, elbow, etc.

The skills players use the most

Most of them are Muay Thai techniques.

In fact, among the champions of ufc

It is said that there are many Muay Thai masters.

Muay Thai boasts a powerful striker.

The third kind of martial arts

Kung Fu,

The third kind of martial arts
The third kind of martial arts

It is Kung Fu, a Chinese .

When I was young, in movies

The protagonists use

Watching the incredible kung fu skills

I remember having my mouth wide open.

The origin of kung fu is quite long.

It is known.

By accurate record

As it turned out, from the end of the Ming Dynasty

It is said to have occurred in the early Qing Dynasty.

With such a wide continent

Exchanges of various races

As a that originated in China

In various provinces and cultures

By absorbing and reorganizing the martial arts that were born

It is said that it was born.

The kung fu depicted in the  movie

Actually, of course

All are cinematic fiction,

As a kung fu martial art, practicality is

Using weapons rather than martial arts

It is said that the skill is the center.

Therefore, a bare-handed fight

Not hitting the opponent

Check the opponent’s approach,

To catch and fall

Focus. This technology is famous

There are Taijiquan and Yeongchunkwon.

Because the purpose itself is different in the first place

Kung Fu is a modern martial art

It can be seen that it is far apart.

But always all This

As it has evolved, kung fu will develop more and more.

There is plenty of room, so let’s pay attention to the Guichu!

The last type of martial arts


The last type of martial arts
The last type of martial arts

Wrestling is one of the official Olympic sports.

Wrestling compared to other martial arts

Although its origin is certain

It’s been very long.

From ancient Greek records

Wrestling appears.

Ancient Greek sculptures, murals, ceramic paintings, etc.

Its origin can be found in several artifacts.

Name of wrestling is the Old English ‘ of gnarl ”

It is said to have originated from the meaning.

Actually, in wrestling, the players

There are many techniques to hold and beat your opponent.

Hold on to the opponent in the naked state


Maybe this simple  art

It is a  with terrifying practicality.


The Tokyo 2020 Medal Project to produce medals, And How Many Players Will Be Kill In This Championship And Olympics? 2020


The Tokyo 2020 Medal Project to produce medals

It symbolizes the concept of athletes who must strive for victory every day in order to achieve glory’ and the energy of athletes who shine with light and glow’ and those who support energy,

It is said to symbolize diversity and represent a world in which people who compete in sports and who work hard are respected, and the sparkle of the reflection of the medals is said to represent the light of warm friendship depicted by people around the world holding hands.

This Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee carried out the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project to produce medals,
providing citizens with small electronic devices such as mobile phones for the first time in the history of the Olympics.

It was collected and recycled to make medals using the metal from this project, and it is said that the project produced a total of 5,000 medals from electronic devices donated across Japan.

tokyo games
Tokyo games 2020

The new wind gives people heat and becomes the driving force to create another new wind. Is a concept and a fan that brings new winds to the world by tying the hearts and minds of people to the bottom of the fan.

The part means a player who connects people’s hearts by crossing races and borders, and the line is said to represent the vitality of people’s hearts and the flowers, trees, leaves, and water of Japan’s nature.

There was an article stating that the Olympics could be canceled due to the global pandemic in 2020. It is said that only 55% of the total is made of it. According to former IOC Vice Chairman Dick Pound,

it is expected that it will take two to three months to determine the fate of the Tokyo Olympics, and the event will be decided around the end of May.
However, even if it is caught up with the event this year, it is expected that there will be a lot of confusion in the schedule adjustment due to the problem of the postponed or canceled qualifiers.

If canceled, the Olympics will not be held 76 years after World War II in 1944, and the war will end. The biggest reason for the cancellation due to other reasons is that in the sports where Korea has traditionally been strong, such as archery, taekwondo, and judo,

the skills of athletes from other countries have grown rapidly, and the gold medal cannot be guaranteed.

Actually in 2020
At the open world championships by sport, South Korea suffered from the worst sluggishness in traditional bullish events.

                   Judo was unable to keep up with the momentum of winning two gold medals in the previous year, and only one “silver” and one bronze medal each, wrestling

               Even with Kim Hyun-woo and Ryu Han-soo, both of whom have won the world championships, both compete in Asian regional qualifiers. Korea is in the same group as Iran, Uzbekistan, and China.

Olympics 2020, Championship

            Consisting only of enemies Although it is early, if you only get to the second place in the group, you will meet with Group D (North Korea, Vietnam, Jordan, “UAE”,

            which are relatively weak players in the quarterfinals tournament. Olympic tickets will be given to the 3rd place in this competition,
so the national team will be ranked in the semifinals.
Advancement is the top priority.

if Japan advances to the quarterfinals

For reference, Japan, which has a quota for the host country, also participates in this event, so if Japan advances to the quarterfinals, you will be given a ticket just by going to the quarterfinals.

Championship 2020
Championship 2020

However, the surprise of Japan’s frantic in the group stage As it occurred, he had to be in the top three.

On January 23, 2020, they won Australia 2:0 in the semifinal of the U-23 Championship, confirming the world’s first ninth consecutive Olympic Games. It also serves as an Asian regional qualifier.

Korea is in the same group as Iran, Uzbekistan, and China. Although it is a group consisting only of fierce enemies if it is the second place in the group, relatively weak players gather in the quarterfinals. Meet with Group D (North Korea, Vietnam, Jordan, UAE).

Olympic tickets

Olympic tickets will be given to the 3rd place in this competition, so advance to the semifinals is the top priority for the national team.
For reference, Japan, which has a quota for the host country, also participates in this event.
If Japan advances to the semifinals, you will be given a ticket just by going to the semifinals. However,
Japan must be placed in the 3rd place due to the outrage of the group stage. January 23, 2020 U-23

The world’s first ninth consecutive Olympics were confirmed by winning Australia 2:0 in the quarterfinals of the championship.
Like the men’s national team, they met above-standard performances in the Asian Championships and obtained qualifications for regional qualifiers in early 2020.

Among the three Asian women’s volleyball rounds, Japan, which automatically entered the host country’s quota, is excluded,
It is more hopeful than the men’s national team, with only a confrontation left.                           In the finals held at 9 o’clock on the 12th, they advanced to the Tokyo Olympics by winning a 3-0 shutout against Thailand.

Japan said, “At this Olympics, the video taken by the audience at the stadium cannot be posted on the Internet, including social media.” Because the broadcasting station paid a large amount to buy the Olympic broadcasting rights, Is said to be prohibited,

Even, he said, “Videos taken at the stadium cannot be posted on the Internet without prior permission from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and not only the appearance of the athletes but also the appearance of cheering the athletes in the stands cannot be posted.”

After this fact was known voices of dissatisfaction among Japanese netizens, centered on Japanese social media, were saying, “Is it okay to upload photos or videos taken at the stadium in the self-camera mode at least?”

In Taekwondo, which won a total of 8 gold medals in each of the 4 weight classes for men and women, he secured the right to participate in the 6 weight lasses, the most in history (Men 68 kg Lee Dae-hoon, etc.).

“Steel Weapons” Wrestling Hell Training
“Steel Weapons” Wrestling Hell Training 2020

Men’s Handball: As of October 2020, we, unfortunately, lost at the final match against Bahrain in the Asian qualifiers, and will challenge ourselves in the final qualifiers in April 2020. A total of 12 countries participated here, and the top six were the top six.

Archery is aiming for the victory in all five events with Kang Chae-young in the lead, and Jin Jong-oh (Seoul City Hall), who won three consecutive Olympics in a shooting event, is counted as a gold medal candidate.

The women’s golf that Park In-bi won in the 2020 Rio tournament Baseball, which became an official sport again after 12 years of challenge, was also in 2008.

Following the Beijing tournament, he aims to win consecutively. Men’s soccer also aims for medals. Fencing is also a sport that keeps the skills of the Asian Games in Jakarta and expects a golden medal.

Golf, including 5 modern models aiming for the first gold medal, Expectations are high whether surprise propaganda can be delivered in judo and badminton.

World Olympic Football Tournament 2020

The Olympic Football Tournament 2020

The Olympic Football Tournament, which will take place in seven stadiums across Japan, will provide fans with a thrilling match worthy of the national competition.


Olympic Football is a game in which a team consists of 11 players and drives the ball to the opponent’s goal to score. Since the ball is all the tools needed to play the game, it is a sport that is easy for everyone to enjoy and is gaining great popularity around the world. Football is enjoyed by over 250 million people in over 200 countries.


The rules for playing football were created in London in 1863 by the then newly formed Football Association. The FIFA World Cup, which has been held every four years since 1930, is an international, large-scale event with high audience ratings around the world.


By the way, did you know that the history of men’s Olympic soccer is longer than that of the FIFA World Cup? With the exception of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, all Olympics have held soccer since the 1900 Olympics in Paris. Until the 1984 Olympics, only amateur athletes were allowed to participate, and these days Olympic soccer is attracting a lot of attention as it plays a role in showing young and talented athletes to the world.


The reason young athletes stand out at the Olympic Football is the under-23 competition rule introduced at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. And starting with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, teams began to allow three athletes over the age of 23 to be included.


Women’s competitions started at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and there is no age limit. With the adoption of women’s football as an official Olympic sport, women’s football is growing in popularity all over the world.

Detailed events

  • 16 Team Tournament (Men)
  • 12 Team Tournament (Women)

The core of the event

Great Goals, Great Matches As it is

widely known, the goal of football is to score more goals than your opponents. The two teams play the game for 45 minutes each, and if there is a draw in the tournament stage, extra time and penalty shootouts are held to determine the match.


Fifteen men’s national teams excluding host country Japan will qualify for participation in tournaments held by the Six Continental Football Federations. The women’s team won the Olympic Football in the same way, and a total of 11 teams will compete with Japan.


Both men’s and women’s matches are organized in a way that goes through the group stage stage and then into the knockout tournament stage. Divide the teams into groups of 4 and play 1 match between each team. In the group stage, 3 points are awarded for victory, 1 point for draw, and 0 points for loss. The top two teams from each group (as well as the top two teams that finished third in the Women’s Tournament) advance to a knockout round in the quarter-finals, quarter-finals, finals and bronze medals.


From the 2000 Sydney Olympics, football began specifically to play before the opening ceremony. This is to ensure that players have a tight schedule so they have enough recovery time between matches.


Soccer players must have basic speed, strength, and stamina, as well as the ability to handle the ball as well as the ability to digest tactics. The referee who watches the foul situation may give a yellow card to the player and the player who receives the second yellow card will be sent off. A player who commits a serious offense is immediately awarded a red card and may be sent off. In this case, the opposing team has one numerical advantage and can play an advantageous match. The referee may give a free kick at the point of infringement. Any infringement in the penalty area will result in a penalty kick to the opposing team.

Tokyo 2020 Games Outlook

As the amateur era came, the number of countries winning men’s soccer tournaments widened, but most recently, South American countries are gaining strength. Brazil, which has won the most World Cup titles, won its first Olympic gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics with home crowd watching. Mexico defeated Brazil in the 2012 London Olympics finals, while Argentina beat South American rival Paraguay in the finals in both Beijing 2008 and Athens 2004.


Spain was the last European country to win a gold medal and won a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics held in it. Meanwhile, the gold medal has not yet come out in Asia. Japan won the bronze medal at the 1968 Mexico Olympics and placed fourth at the 2012 London Olympics.


The United States has won four Olympic women’s football in six so far, but lost to Sweden in the quarterfinals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Sweden lost to Germany 2-1 in the final, and the silver and gold medals were taken by Germany. Japan took second place at the 2012 London Olympics. These countries may win Tokyo 2020, but with football advancing around the world, a new dark horse may emerge.


Top Cricket and Game Rules 2020

Cricket and Game Rules 2020

History of Cricket

Cricket is known as the game originated in England of the 13th century. In 1774, the rules of the game were established, and in 1787, the British Cricket Club (Marylebone Cricket Club) was founded. In 1719, when two British cricket teams played, a national cricket competition was created.

During the period of the British colonial business, cricket spread throughout the world. The largest of the international competitions is the Commonwealth international competitions in Britain, Scotland, Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa.

History Of Cfricket
History Of Cfricket


Professionals are called ‘players’ and are treated as individual units, and amateurs are called ‘gentlemen’. In big competitions, each team is predominantly professional, with 2-3 amateurs participating.

Cricket Ground

In the center of the stadium is a pitch area 20m long and 3m wide. At each end of the pitch area there is an incantation made of three vertical poles and two rails on it. If the pitcher throws the ball with the opposite spell and drops the rail, the batter is out. ( Website )


The batter must hit the ball thrown by the pitcher in order to keep his order. A point is scored if the batter hits the ball well and the batter and a fellow player on the opponent’s order run across the pitch area and switch positions. The batter can change positions up to number 6 and score up to 6 points. Each team has one chance of hitting and one round ends when all 10 batters except the captain are out.


Cricket is a game to compete the score by hitting the ball with the bat. It was first created in England, and it is still practiced a lot in England and Commonwealth countries.


It is a game in which two teams consisting of 11 members of one team take turns attacking and defending on a wide lawn and batting the ball to compete for points. It is similar to baseball, but the batting order is returned to all in each inning, and the attack and defense change only when all are out, and the game ends with two innings.


Two wickets (three wooden posts topped with a tree called a veil) are erected in the center of the stadium. The defending side puts the pitcher and catcher on the outside of the wicket, and the remaining nine are in suitable positions. On the offensive side, the first batter stands next to the catcher and waits for the ball, and the next batter stands near the opposite wicket.

When the pitcher throws the ball, he must throw it bound once to the ground, and when the ball drops the veil, the batter is out. The batter must hit the ball to prevent it from hitting the wicket. Before the hit ball falls to the ground, the beast receives and goes out. If the ball is not caught, the batters run toward the wickets opposite each other to score points. Before that, if the beast throws the ball into the wicket and the bale falls, the batter close to that wicket is out.


The pitching is knotted every 6 pitches, and the pitcher and the catcher alternate with each other. The batter seldom goes out, so it lasts a long time and sometimes takes 2-3 days.

Facilities, equipment, and clothes

The cricket field is an oval-shaped turf ground with a width of about 90 to 150m, and must be clearly distinguished by fences or ropes.


If it does not deviate from the ellipse shape too much, there are no restrictions on the size or shape, and it is called a field.

The cricket ball is similar to a baseball in size and stiffness, but the leather of a cricket ball is thicker. The circumference is 224 to 229 mm, and the weight is 156 to 163 g. Traditionally, the color is red and the seams are white, but in recent night games, white balls are sometimes used to make the ball more visible.


Cricket bats are made of willow with a flat on one side and a rounded shape to receive power on the other side, and have a cane-shaped handle, reminiscent of a large laundry bat.

How to Play

Two spells are placed in the middle of the stadium, each with one batter guarding the door. The pitcher attempts to hit the ball by throwing the ball or otherwise try to get the batter out. The throwing technique is to extend your arm straight up, raise it above your head, and throw the ball. If the batter does not get out and changes position with the batter of the same team on the opposite order, a goal is awarded. Two teams of 11 players will face off.


There are two wickets at intervals of 22 yards (approximately 20m) in the center of the field, and the attacking side has a bat in each wicket and one player is placed. One is the batter and the other is the runner. If one side of the pair goes out, he becomes the batter and hits the ball from the wicket on the other side.

The defensive pitcher (baller) throws the ball as if it would bounce right in front of the batter (Batman), but it is not thrown as if it were a throw, but as if pushing from the top with the arm fully extended.

When the batter hits the ball, the runner on the opposite side of the batter also starts to run at the same time, alternately in the middle, touch the bat on the opposite wicket to repeat, and repeat this several times before the ball returns to the wicket. (1 point upon arrival of the opposite wicket).

The match ends with 2 innings, but when the attacking side reaches out of 10, the airlift is changed. One player can score hundreds of points, and it is a long game that takes 5 days for big matches and a day for sm