What is the strongest martial art? Best Types of martial arts around the world! 2020

The First kind of Martial Arts


The First kind of Martial Arts
The First kind of Martial Arts

Kick to knock an opponent into the center of

It is a powerful  art.

First, let’s take a brief look at History.

Taekwondo is a Japanese karate-based

It is a  that combines strike and Chinese.

But with kick-oriented technologys.

With the efforts of numerous  arts people

While building Taekwondo’s unique technique and style

It is now a world-class art.

Which is also an official Olympic sport

Taekwondo became a sports shoe

Not completely overpowering the opponent

Scoring effectively

The purpose is to win the game

There is no feeling that the practice However, Taekwondo’s powerful kick

Its power is fully recognized

Various techniques such as marae kick and round kick

It is also used in general and Compared to modern  arts

The weaknesses I feel are still

We keep improving,

A potentially inexhaustible do

With interest in our Taekwondo.

The second kind of martial arts

Muay Thai

The second kind of martial arts
The second kind

This is Thai Muay Thai With Thai traditional arts

Including fists and kicks

Especially of the knees and elbows

The hardest part of the human

Destructive and efficient technologies with a

I speak.

Muay Thai is the name of Korea

It is called Muay Thai (muai = martial arts, Thai = Thailand).

Muay Thai origins from the Indian Musti yuddha

It is said to be derived.

So many countries in Southeast Asia

Similar or almost identical to Muay Thai

They say they share martial arts.

Until modernization and the rules of boxing

They say it was very radical?

Like in the movies

Wrap the cloth around your fist

You said you put a piece of broken glass…

I’m really glad to be a sports shoe.

Muay Thai is in mixed martial arts

It is one of the martial arts with the most impact.

Even if you look at the latest mixed martial arts technology right now,

Clench, knee kick, elbow, etc.

The skills players use the most

Most of them are Muay Thai techniques.

In fact, among the champions of ufc

It is said that there are many Muay Thai masters.

Muay Thai boasts a powerful striker.

The third kind of martial arts

Kung Fu,

The third kind of martial arts
The third kind of martial arts

It is Kung Fu, a Chinese .

When I was young, in movies

The protagonists use

Watching the incredible kung fu skills

I remember having my mouth wide open.

The origin of kung fu is quite long.

It is known.

By accurate record

As it turned out, from the end of the Ming Dynasty

It is said to have occurred in the early Qing Dynasty.

With such a wide continent

Exchanges of various races

As a that originated in China

In various provinces and cultures

By absorbing and reorganizing the martial arts that were born

It is said that it was born.

The kung fu depicted in the  movie

Actually, of course

All are cinematic fiction,

As a kung fu martial art, practicality is

Using weapons rather than martial arts

It is said that the skill is the center.

Therefore, a bare-handed fight

Not hitting the opponent

Check the opponent’s approach,

To catch and fall

Focus. This technology is famous

There are Taijiquan and Yeongchunkwon.

Because the purpose itself is different in the first place

Kung Fu is a modern martial art

It can be seen that it is far apart.

But always all This

As it has evolved, kung fu will develop more and more.

There is plenty of room, so let’s pay attention to the Guichu!

The last type of martial arts


The last type of martial arts
The last type of martial arts

Wrestling is one of the official Olympic sports.

Wrestling compared to other martial arts

Although its origin is certain

It’s been very long.

From ancient Greek records

Wrestling appears.

Ancient Greek sculptures, murals, ceramic paintings, etc.

Its origin can be found in several artifacts.

Name of wrestling is the Old English ‘ of gnarl ”

It is said to have originated from the meaning.

Actually, in wrestling, the players

There are many techniques to hold and beat your opponent.

Hold on to the opponent in the naked state


Maybe this simple  art

It is a  with terrifying practicality.


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