In 2020 Football Is Much Dangerous For Players? Football Game Kills The Players

football | History, Rules, & Significant Players of old days and 2020

I can share it. The main goal of the striker and the attacker is to score goals directly, and the midfielder is responsible for occupying the ball, regaining possession of the opponent’s ball, connecting the attacker and the defender, and the defender blocking the opponent’s scoring.

Players in these three positions are classified as Outfield players to distinguish them from the goalkeeper, and each position is again divided by position, and that player spends most of the game time at that position.


For example, the midfielder is divided into the center, left, and right by position, and it is also divided into attack type and defensive type according to their nature.

The 10 outfield players are configured to harmonize scoring and defense in any form. The number of players in each position also indicates the team’s tendency to play.

                     Teams with a lot of attackers and fewer defenders are likely to be oriented towards fast and aggressive play, and vice versa, are likely to play slow and defensively. Because athletes spend most of their game time in a given position, their movements are limited depending on the operation.

what is one of the most essential elements for football players?

The most basic of them is a pass, which is also called a passing game. And this is one of the most essential elements for players, along with ball control ability for players.

Passes are the foundational skill for all team tactics, and for that reason, passes consist of at least the movement of the Sender and the Receiver.

Therefore, the accuracy of the pass and mutual cooperation are very essential to lead the game. The types of passes are largely divided into the inside pass, outside pass, instep pass, and hill pass.


Dribbling is also one of the most essential elements in soccer, and dribbling refers to moving while controlling the ball in response to the opponent’s movement.

Therefore, the speed of dribbling and whether or not you can fool your opponent is very important to your dribbling success. Dribbling is a part that an individual can use independently, so dribbling has its own characteristics for each player. That doesn’t mean that dribbling has nothing to do with team tactics.

goalkeepers are generally tall in a football game 2020

For example, goalkeepers are generally tall, and their quickness and proper situational judgment are very important. On the other hand, the central defender, like the goalkeeper, needs to be tall and competent, but the side defender requires excellent speed, stamina, and basic ball control.

Although the requirements for midfielders vary for each detailed position, in general, dribbling and passing are important, and good physical strength is required because they have to run through the midfield throughout the game.

Attackers generally require excellent skill and goal determination, and additional requirements may differ depending on other detailed areas. In this way, the physical condition required by the players for each position and the appropriate role performance is very important factors for a team to perform the game.

Role of Attacker And Defender in Football 2020

Formations are represented in the form of numbers such as 4-4-2 and 3-5-2, excluding goalkeepers and only 10 outfield players. The number of defenders, midfielders, and attackers is displayed in order from the previous number.

For example, in the case of 4-4-2, there are 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 attackers, and in the case of 3-5-2, 3 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 2 attackers.


Depending on the form of this formation, it is possible to determine whether the team is aggressive or defensive. However, the number of formations alone cannot fully understand the soccer tactics the team pursues.

This is because the number of formations is simply the number of players in the position. Therefore, when operating a game, it is necessary to use it flexibly rather than running the game in relation to the number of positions.

Rules fo football and playground of Football 2020

Safety: Competitors must not wear or use equipment or objects that are dangerous to themselves or other players (including jewelry).
Basic equipment: It is said that the basic equipment of a competitor consists of a top, bottom (when wearing warm pants, the basic color of the bottom must be the same), socks, shin protectors, and shoes.


Shin guard: Must be completely covered with stockings, must be made of suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar material), and must be equipped with a level of protection that is not unreasonable.

Goalkeeper: Each goalkeeper must wear clothing of a color that is distinct from other players, referees or assistant referees.
Violation/punishment: When violating this rule
-There is no need to stop playing.
-If the player’s equipment is wrong, the referee instructs him to leave the field and fix his equipment.

When the next game is stopped, it is taken out of the field, unless the equipment is already properly equipped.
-No player is allowed to re-enter without the permission of the referee after leaving the field and fixing equipment.
-The referee must check the competitor’s equipment before allowing him to re-enter the field.

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